National Federations

It is made up of the entire National Union, at the heart of which is a union of women farmers and specialized sectoral universities of a purely professional nature which help the executive office to have helps manage sector affairs and technical supervision of all regional unions in coordination with regional unions.

The unions have the task of advancing the agricultural sectors, of preparing and monitoring the agricultural activity which concerns them, of carrying out studies and of contributing to the orientation and general work to achieve the objectives of the union in accordance with its regulations, as well as framing the regional unions and activating them in full coordination with the regional union.

The national union is composed of nine members, among whom the responsibilities are shared by mutual consent or by secret ballot, on the basis of a secretary general and an assistant secretary general, and the others bear responsibilities according to the requirements of the sector.

Here is the general book of the national unions affiliated to the Tunisian union of agriculture and fishing:

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