The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries watches over the scientific side, providing a set of studies and figures, as well as publishing of a set of indicators and reports in many areas related to its activity cycle.

Fisheries field

The sea fishing sector contributed to 1% of the GDP and the equivalent of 8% of the value of the production of the agricultural sector and provides 17% of the total receipts of the exports of agricultural products.

Precipitation rate

55% of rainwater, or about 19 billion cubic meters of rainwater, evaporates and goes to the sea

Our annual water resources are estimated at around 4.8 billion cubic meters out of a total precipitation rate of the order of 36 billion cubic meters per year ???

The need to prepare a serious plan for future mobilization, whether to control the water in gonorrhea or to store it in dams or in groundwater to replenish its reserves in anticipation of years of over-exploitation and drought.

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