Following the decisions announced yesterday, Thursday, August 6, 2019, by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, on the occasion of the inauguration of the national symposium “Women in political decision-making positions”, the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and fisheries welcomes these decisions:

• A big thank to the Prime Minister, who included all the agricultural organization’s proposals in these decisions

• Most of these decisions are considered to have been in the interest of women farmers in particular and the family of farmers in general.

• Request to accelerate the implementation of these decisions in order to preserve the health security of women in the rural sector and to ensure the proper functioning of their work in the best conditions

These decisions are as follows:

• Allocate 10 million dinars to the Tunisian Solidarity Bank to all those who want to buy a cart to transfer farmers’ money, and allow all those who want to secure the transfer of women a subsidy of 30% of the value of the vehicle and a loan without excess.

• Helping cooperative agricultural service companies to provide decent working conditions to female agricultural workers, especially mobile health facilities, on a mandatory basis

• Inclusion of a measure to exempt the contribution of women benefiting from the “Ahminy” system to performance on added value in the 2020 finance law.

• Provide a free and in-depth survey on breast cancer to all participants in the National Social Security Fund and the National Pension and Social Security Fund that we have reached quarantine and to other persons not involved, l State sponsoring agreements resulting from this procedure and this review is mandatory.