Our Goals

The goals of UTAP are:

  • Organize and represent farmers and fishermen and defend their interests in all the legitimate ways and mechanisms that guarantee this, protect their rights and ensure the development of their achievements.
  • Briefing and taking charge of farmers in their various businesses.
  • Work to improve the economic and social situation of its members and defend environmental security to ensure sustainable development.
  • Contribute to the training and awareness of farmers, guide them and consolidate the adoption of their technical and scientific methods for the production and the productivity development.
  • Send and manage various service structures, of cooperative enterprises and development groups, in the agricultural and other fields, and contribute, if necessary, in effectively participating in  suppling the farmers and fishermen and also contributing to various promotion operations , export, warehousing, supply and transfer.
  • The objective of the concerned authorities is to facilitate the agricultural investments and the necessary financing by giving loans, subsidies and incentives in order to cover the Farmers needs.
  • Contribute to the design of national and other plans and monitor their implementation and work on their success.
  • Preparation of studies and experiences aiming at developing and modernizing the agricultural field.
  • Work to support the agricultural media through the various available means and make good use of the media affiliated to the union so as to support the organization mission
  • Organize or participate in agricultural exhibitions and demonstrations at different levels.
  • Continue to make efforts in the area of construction and maintaining the role of farmers at regional and local levels.
  • Links with scientific research institutions and evaluation of results.
  • Work to settle the real estate situation of socialist lands and foreclosures.
  • Preserve wild and marine livestock.

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