The Tunisian union of agriculture and fisheries concludes several agreements with institutions and organizations on the national and international plan in favor of its prospects.

Our event partners

Organization of training and awareness sessions for members of the Executive Board and farmers involved in the union on the implications of ALECA in the agricultural sector.

Cooperation to develop sea fishing and aquatic life between the Tunisian and Italian organization

Exchange of experiences between the Union and the Dean, and cooperation by sending joint projects for the knowledge sharing and engineering innovations in all agricultural fields.

cooperation to develop large scale agriculture

Implementation of an agricultural extension pilot project

Agricultural programs produced and broadcast on the M TUNISIA TV channel

A contract for services provided by the company for the union employees and participants

Establishment of an integrated program model between all parties involved, in order to send small agricultural institutions to owners of university degrees and agricultural trainees, the follow-up ranging from training to financing to completion and technical support

Participation to support small farmers, sailors, cooperative societies and advice in the realization of projects in the agricultural sector and sea fishing through Islamic finance

Provide distinguished insurance services to union farmers

Establish principles of transparency and the fight against corruption

05% reduction on each insurance contract for farmers involved in the union and 20% for optional motor insurance

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