As part of the synergy between the projects, a team from the  HELIOS project (PP N°4 UTAP-Tunisia) participated in an event  organized by the project “FASTER: Farmer’s Adaptation and  Sustainability in Tunisia through Excellence in Research” on  Friday 28 May 2021 in Bizerte-Tunisia. 

The HELIOS team took part in the poster session presented by  the various speakers in particular with regard to the drafts of  projects emanating from the FASTER project and especially  the projects related to the blue economy in the context of  “the participatory monitoring of bio-invasions in the Tunisian  fisheries sector” , from “the Resilence of Artisanal Fishermen  project for the co-management of the future Marine  Protected Area of Tabarka” and “Cystosera Resilence towards  a sustainable fishery” . 

The HELIOS team, in turn, presented the HELIOS project and  its actions to the various speakers and discussed possible  opportunities for cooperation and synergy between projects.